Chubanga (2015)

The cartoon tells the journey of the band in the Jungle Blue Emperor Ku Cha to learn about the mysterious notes and the magical effects of the tribal dance called Chubanga .

Giocando con i bottoni (2014)

a series of strange situations and characters that move on the notes flying keys played by the piano : a video that the meaning of the song , created by an inspiration to recall what may be the dreams and desires of a girl who seeks new fantastic adventures.

Via Coramari (2013)

In Coramari Street , in Ferrara, Italy , there is a student house , a crossroads of extraordinary stories and normal

Did You Hear About Jerry? (2013)

In a jazz club came a gang of Gangster searching for Jerry .
But music will infect all like a disease , between space and
extradimensional travel.

La Processione (2012)

he imagery of the sacred and the profane in the southern countries of the world finds its highest representation , especially visual, in this video.

Working Man Blues (2011)

The video start by the true story of Braddock , a small town america who lived boom in the steel sector , and then goes off to become a ghost town.

Kabuki Syndrome (2011)

A gloomy , deep allegory of the human condition at the time of revocation and subjection by media


Radiocar is the videoclip for the Italian band called “Shape Productions” ( ), based on the book “Under the…