Radiocar is the videoclip for the Italian band called “Shape Productions” ( ), based on the book “Under the Skin” by M. Faber… We are in a car with the novel\’s central character, Isserley and we are on the road cruising the highways of the Scottish highlands…Isserley is looking for young man, she is only and she is very dangerous…The videoclip was developed in 3D and flash animation ( modelling, animation and rendering ). the style of the videoclip was ispired by the pulp magazine of the fifties…Only little parts of it was coloured, like her green pant or the red car. the music was an electro dance created by two italians DJ\’s, famous whit the name \”Shape\”

– 1st Award at SWATCH MTV PLAYGROUND – London – NOV 2010.
– 1st Award at STREET SOUND FESTIVAL – London – JUN 2010.
– 1st Award at MURGIA FILM FESTIVAL (Gravina di Puglia – IT) – JUL 2007.
– 1st Award at WOM FESTIVAL (Pescara) – AUG 2007
– ITALIAN VIEW Award at VIEWFEST -Torino – JUN 08.
– 2nd award at BITFILM FESTIVAL – Hamburg – NOV 07
– 2nd award at NICKELCLIP FEST di Nichelino (TO) – NOV 07

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