Cooking breakfast vince la menzione speciale ad Umbriametraggi

The Umbriametraggi 2016 Section jury declared ‘ Best Short Film ‘ Rezonans John Pierangeli , nine minutes that show a talented director , able to represent carefully and measure the emotional tension of a family drama based on the unsaid .
Also awarded a ‘ Special Mention ‘ at the Animated Short Cooking breakfast for the one I love Hermes Mangialardo confirming the ability to tell with skill , in a very short time , a delightful and quirky history, detailed and perfectly accomplished that , in this case , it runs to the tune of agile Mauro Ottolini .

A Pierangeli and Mangialardo go the Augustuscolor Prix ( 50 % discount for a work ) and work Ceramic Workshop Via Fratta Umbertide .ploads/2016/02/OTTOFINALE0108-744×419.png” alt=”OTTOFINALE0108″ width=”744″ height=”419″ />

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