3 other international awards for One Day In July

The Sunset Film festivals of Santa Monica (USA), The CreActive International Open Film Festival (USA – Bangladesh) and The Capodarco Film Festival (Italy), reward Video inspired by a tragic event of July 2014.

“A slap in the face”, this is one of the comments that come back often in the many festivals where it was presented the short film “One Day In July” ,because that day in July told is not an ordinary day, but on July 16, 2014, the day when a bomb fell on Gaza killing 4 children playing on the beach.

“The idea for the short film came that night,” says Hermes, “even though the construction took place a few months later, when unfortunately all we had forgotten the story. I did not want to tell specifically that incident, but the striking contrast between a place of peace and game (the beach), and the unexpected and sudden death. ”

And the clean, dry style of this narrative, the delicate sound track (the work of Sound Composer Antonio Mangialardo) also hit overseas, so as to win the award for best animation at Sunset Los Angeles Film Festival June 26. Only European Film among many “Made in USA” products.

And also to CreActive International Open Film Festival which was held in New York and Dhaka a few days before the short it was selected by an international jury who judged over 4000 films from 105 countries. One Day in July won the Jury Prize in the “Educational” category.

And to return to Italy, June 25, during the closing of Capodarco Film Festival, presented by director and actor “PIF” and Andrea Pellizzari, Hermes Mangialardo has won the second prize in the “Very Short” section.

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