Light Art Installation @Paratissima

The installation THE BRIGHT SIDE OF THE MOON was showed in Torino @Paratissima.

Paratissima is a hybrid and multiform brand : both a container capable of giving space to major national and international exhibitions, and a sounding board capable of amplifying the voice of emerging artists, arousing the attention and curiosity of the general public.

Founded in 2005 as a self-managed event, over the years it has expanded its range of action, enriching itself with numerous projects born and developed in collaboration with public and private bodies. 

Today located in the architectural complex of the Cavallerizza Reale , Paratissima stands as a cultural reference point for the City of Turin , actively involving citizens with exhibitions, events, activities, courses, workshops and workshops for adults and children. Faithful to its mission, Paratissima configures itself simultaneously as an incubator of emerging artists through calls, tenders and exhibition opportunities both offline and online.


“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” (Neil Armstrong)

What happens if the Ex Galoppatoio della Cavallerizza Reale is transformed into a dreamy chapiteau of the past? It happens that anything can become possible, even touching the moon.

There is an old saying which reads: “When the wise man points to the moon, the fool looks at the finger”: where the moon indicates reason, light, truth, the fool does not concentrate on it, but he pauses to consider only the finger that points to it, setting a limit to his own vision.

This form of popular wisdom invites not only maximum reflection, but also mental openness, to look beyond and to open up to the wonder of the unexpected.

In a contemplative, intimate and welcoming yet majestic space, Hermes Mangialardo, a visionary artist from Puglia dedicated to the creation of imaginary worlds through light and sound, tiptoes into the magical universe of celestial stars. By approaching and circumnavigating the enormous Moon, it will finally be possible to simultaneously discover the thousand faces of this attractive satellite, freezing it in a precious timeless memory.

The Moon, symbol of the unconscious, but also of continuous transformation, sensitivity, fantasy and dreams, connects each individual with the most hidden part of himself, in a deep dialogue open to discovery and revelation.

Where the game and the festive atmosphere of the Circus drag the audience into a whirlwind of lightheartedness and joy, the installation  The Bright Side on the Moon  invites contemplation, listening to the harmonious melodies of the Universe and welcoming the unexpected into one’s own life.

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