FRONTIERS awarded by Italian Council for Refugees

news and video transmitted also in TV
Last night at the club of the Court of Auditors in Rome there was the
charities Gala organized by CIR, Italian Council for Refugees. During the event there
was the awarding of the contest “Fammi Vedere” for short movies about
refugees drama.
The jury, composed among others by Roberto Faenza, Gabriele Lavia, Monica Guerritore,
Silvia Costa, Ivan Silvestrini, Walter Veltroni (as well as representatives of the world of
refugees, the media and the school) has awarded “Frontiers”, giving it the first prize.
Frontiers is the second short film of the trilogy of videos with the
protagonist a child struggling with social dramas such as the war and the
discrimination. The other two are BLOW and ONE
DAY IN JULY, the latter recently won Canada’s Toronto Urban Film
In FRONTIERS two children of different ethnic groups try to play together, but a
Wall, a symbol of cultural barriers imposed by the “big” comes between them.
The news of the prize was given on TV, in today’s episode of UnoMattina, with guest
President of CIR.



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