Double award at Orion Film Festival

Wednesday, december 27 my short movie ONE DAY IN JULY has won 2 awards at

ORION IFF International Film Festival:


Here the complete palmares:

Best Feature Documentary – Over 42min
“Shiners” by Stacey Tenenbaum – Winner
“Elder Sister” by Long Zheng – Highly Commended
“Babylondon” by Andres Roccatagliata – Finalist

Best Short Documentary – Under 30min
“Amy” by Jo K – Winner
“Palingenesis” by Nuno Braumann – Finalist
“Algeria. Dreams about the Desert” by Olga and Andrii Andreyev – Finalist

Best Animation – Under 30min
“The Edge” by Alexandra Averyanova – Winner
“Balloon Ride” by Evan Hughes – Finalist
“EL JINETE AZUL” by Ileana Gómez – Finalist

Best Narrative – Under 30min
“Two Together” by Anna Yanovskaya ​- Winner
“Once upon a dream” by Anthony Nion – Finalist
“My beautiful corpse” by Oliver Chantreau – Finalist

Best Music Clip – Under 6min
“Love Falls Softly” by Joakim Lund – Winner
“Hear Me Now” by Raphael Pamplona – Finalist
“The Others” by The Jezebels by Bryce Padovan – Finalist

Best Experimental – Under 30min
“The Infinite Fun Palace” by Sofia Kanarelli – Winner
“As Black As Ebony” Wood by Carla Rokes – Finalist
“Stretching of Daily Life” by Nenad Nedeljkov – Finalist

Best Virtual Reality – Under 30min
“The Wall VR” by Claudio Lai – Winner

Best Super Short – Under 1min
“ONE DAY IN JULY” by hermes mangialardo ​- Winner
“Other News” by Jason DeFreitas – Finalist
“Shootable Cockroach” by Ramana PMV – Finalist

Best Cinematography
“Two Together” by Anna Yanovskaya ​- Winner

Best Editing
“The Others” by The Jezebels by Bryce Padovan. Editing by Matt Connelly and Bryce Padovan – Winner

Best Film
“ONE DAY IN JULY” by hermes mangialardo ​- Winner

Best Portrait
“Old man” by Long Zheng – Winner

Best Documentary Photographic Essay 
“Flowers of Ethiopia” by Robin Yong – Winner


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