ONE DAY IN JULY won at Teheran

The artist from Copertino Hermes Mangialardo won the final of the 100 Seconds Film Festival in Tehran.
In three days of workshops, interviews, screenings and events ending Friday, Mangialardo won the award for the best animation, when his short film “One Day in July”.
The one in Iran is yet another award from the short crop around the world. In recent months he had clinched: special jury mention at the Toronto Urban Film Festival (Canada), Animation award at Sarmat Film Festival (Russia), Best Animation at the Miami Independent Film Festival (december edition) in Miami, as well as awards at home (Sarno Film Festival – Umbria Film Festival – Fabriano Film festivals and Baroque Film Festival).
Mangialardo, in his film, narrates July 16, 2014, the day when Israeli bombs killed four children playing on the beach in Gaza. “A job pulse created in two weeks,” he told the Iranian TV, “which shows the absurdity of dying in a place of light-heartedness and peace like a beach”.

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